Thursday, November 29, 2007

Using and Creating Forms in Microsoft Word

This video introduces the use and creation of forms in Microsoft Word.

Building Rooms for Virtual Museums in PowerPoint

This video introduces a method of creating virtual museum "rooms" using PowerPoint.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Using Self-Made Templates to Design Static Webpages

Using Drawing Tools in Word

Using Microsoft Word, this video introduces "Drawing" tools. Note that these tools are consistent across all Microsoft applications.

Using Virtual Museum Templates

This video teaches the process of using a virtual museum template to create a virtual museum. The focus of the video is on using tools to insert pictures and create non-linear hyperlinks within PowerPoint.

To access templates, see the blog titled Educational Virtual Museums.

Bundling Tags in Delicious

This video introduces a method for creating tag bundles within a Delicious account and briefly addresses using bundles for grading purposes.

Procuring a Delicious Account

This video introduces the method for procuring a new Delicious account for personal or educational use.

Using Paint Tools in PowerPoint

This video introduces "Painting" tools within Microsoft PowerPoint. Note that these tools are consistent across all Microsoft applications.

Introduction to PowerPoint

This video introduces the basic tools of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Using NetStorage to Post Web Resources

Adding Anchors in Netscape Composer

Developing a Webpage Using

Note: This video was designed and produced by Heather B. Rampton.

Using AppleWorks to Convert Pictures

Using Mail Merge in Word and Excel

Features of Word

Introduction to Microsoft Word

Introduction to unitedstreaming

This video introduces basic use of unitedstreaming via VEGAS PBS (

Note: Clark County School District has a site license for teachers to use this service. CCSD personnel should see the ECS at your school to obtain a username and password to access the service.

Introduction to Social Bookmarking

This video is an overview of use of social bookmarking using Delicious.

Introduction to Blogger

Introduction to Inspiration

Designing an ePortfolio for the Web

Using Netscape Composer II

Using Netscape Composer I